Please see the updated Directive in regards to the New Critical Skill List for 2022

As of 2nd of February 2022, the Department of Home Affairs issued a new Critical Skill list, as to the job titles that are deemed critical in South Africa.

As per the previous Critical Skill list, last updated in 2014, was aimed at attracting foreign nationals to reside in South Africa.

Under the old Critical Skill requirements, you could either apply with a job title or obtain a 5-year multiple entry Critical Skill Visa. If you did not have a job offer for South Africa, you would have been issued a 12-month Critical Skill visa, in order to source employment in South Africa.

Under the new Critical Skill requirement, the Department of Home Affairs will no longer issue a 12-month visa to applicants who have not secured or received an offer of employment. All applications in terms of the new 2022 list must be supported by a solid offer of employment.

It is important to mention that the Department of Home Affairs has also indicated that you are required to submit applications that reference your post-qualification experience, and should submit additional proof of vetted working experience verified by either MIE ( or international global providers such as Sterling ( /global-checks)

As with all changes to Immigration for South Africa, we expect that in the beginning there will be issues and misunderstandings, especially with South African Representatives abroad.

It is recommended that you communicate with Visa Immigration SA, in order to assist you as smoothly as possible through your Critical Skill Visa process.

Seek legal advice to avoid any issues arising during your immigration application.

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