General Questions:

What is a South African visa?

All temporary residency documents have been renamed “visas” in accordance with the Amended South African Immigration Act 13 of 2002. A South African visa is a legally binding document that enables a foreigner to stay in the country for a specific period of time for a number of reasons. A foreigner can apply for a range of visas in order to secure temporary residence in South Africa

How do I determine if I qualify for a South African Visa?

If you have intent to move to South Africa, it is recommended that you fill out a Visa assessment. Once you have filled out the free online assessment, one of our dedicated consultants will be able to advise you and provide expert advice, and options available for you.

Please click here if you would like to complete the Online Visa Assessment

How do I know what documents I need for my application?

We provide you with all relevant requirements for your visa application. We will provide further clarity on anything that is unclear, and may assist you with obtaining certain documents, in order for us to complete the visa application as soon as possible.

Who is VFS Global?

VFS Global is a private company used to facilitate and collect the visa and permit applications for the Department of Home Affairs, as well as certain High commissions and Embassies around the world. Once the application has been submitted through them, they will send the visa applications to the Department of Home Affairs head office in Pretoria for processing. Once the application has been processed, VFS will advise us that it is ready for collection, and thereafter, we will schedule an appointment, in order for you to collect the outcome.

What can I expect during my visa appointment with VFS?

On the day of your appointment, you will arrive at the reception, and be provided with a specific number, relevant to your visa application. You will then be directed to a waiting room. Once your number has been called, you will then proceed to the specific desk, and hand over the documents that Visa Immigration SA has provided to you. Thereafter, you will be directed to the Biometric status, where your fingerprints will be taken. Once this stage is complete VFS will provide you with a receipt, showing that the submission has taken place.

What do I do if my temporary visa has already expired?

If your temporary residency visa has expired, and you are still currently in South Africa, you are classified as undesirable, as you have overstayed in South Africa.

In these situations, you have two options available to you:

  • You depart South African and obtain a letter from the Immigration Officer stating that you have overstayed.
    • You will have 10 days to appeal the overstay decision
  • You apply for legalisation with a good cause, as to why you overstayed in South Africa.
    • It needs to be a valid reason or they will reject the letter of good cause

Please note that Visa Immigration SA assists you with both of the above options

Can a Foreign National open a South African Bank Account?

Yes, as a foreigner you are allowed to open a South African Bank Account

Can I buy property on a temporary residency visa?

Yes, you can purchase property on a temporary residency visa.

Will I be able to use my Foreign driver’s license in South Africa?

Yes, you are able to use your foreign driver’s license in South Africa

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Visa Immigration SA

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