There are a number of benefits to living in South Africa, in this article I will mention five of them:-

The people of South Africa are very warm and friendly

South Africans are a friendly bunch. South Africa has 11 official languages and a very multi-cultural heritage. People will strike up a chat with you in the supermarket, at a post office and/or any queues you find yourself standing in. South Africans are warm and you will find them very helpful. So if you are nervous about visiting South Africa – don’t be, you won’t get a friendlier bunch anywhere else! Some people say that the people in Cape Town tend to form cliques which is hard to penetrate and that people in Johannesburg are friendlier. In my experience, South Africans are warm and friendly all over South Africa, including Cape Town. Also, the pace of life is slower than in most countries which gives you the opportunity to connect with others and learn more about the country you are visiting. So strike up a chat whenever you can!

Eating Out is Inexpensive

A major benefit of living in South Africa is that it is inexpensive to eat out. When choosing a restaurant try supporting the local ones where you can get beautiful meals at even better prices. A tip I would give you is – try eating out at wine farms, the restaurants usually offer the most amazing meals at extraordinarily good prices and you can taste wine for free or at a nominal charge. Also, try eating out at cafes along the coast, the food may be a bit more expensive because of the sea view but it will still be affordable. You will also be supporting local entrepreneurs and getting a better feel for the country.

South Africans enjoy a moderate climate

The climate in South Africa ranges from Mediterranean to more temperate in some regions. We have all 4 seasons and sometimes you can experience all 4 in one day! The summer months are in December, January and February. Autumn enters in March and ends in May. Winter is June, July and August. The beautiful Spring is in September, October and November. Spring in South Africa is particularly beautiful as many flowers are blooming and temperatures are not too high. If you suffer with hay-fever though, bring your anti-histamines along as the pollen count can be quite high. Each season in South Africa is beautiful and worth experiencing. Summers are hot with many beaches being readily available and the Winter is quite cold but still reasonable compared to northern countries. In summary, South Africa has a wonderful climate with no extremes. It must be cautioned though that with global warming, there are changes in temperature but nothing too extreme.

South Africa has beautiful scenery

South Africa is a very beautiful country with hot sandy beaches and rich green forests. Some of the best beaches are in Cape Town with Clifton being a favourite. If you are into surfing you can visit Muizenberg as it has a rich surfing culture. Near to Muizenberg, on the same coast is Fish Hoek beach and Simon’s Town which has a rich colonial history. The beaches in Durban have warmer water due to the Indian Ocean but still the beaches in Cape Town are hard to beat.

It would behoove you to visit the wine routes, truly beautiful scenery with access to inexpensive wines and food. There are several wine routes: Durbanville, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Franschoek (French corner) and Constantia being five of the big ones. Speaking of ‘big ones’, South Africa is home to The Big 5 (Leopard, Buffalo, Lion, Elephant and Rhinoceros). A visit to the Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa will blow your mind. If you do a self-drive and camp it works out to be quite affordable too. The Garden Route is another beauty…it ranges over 300 kilometers and it is worthy of being visited. It starts at Witsand in the Western Cape to the border of Tsitsikamma Storm’s River in the Eastern Cape. You can go on a guided tour or simply rent a car and drive yourself which may work out cheaper.

South Africans have Table Mountain in Cape Town

Table Mountain deserves a mention all on its own. This stunning mountain range was voted one of the New Seven Natural Wonders Of the World and is well deserving. Table Mountain is a sight to behold, it is one of the first views you get as you fly into Cape Town. There are many hiking routes up the mountain but if you are not into hiking, there are state of the art cable-cars going up and down. It must be noted that one has to go up Table Mountain! The 360 degree panoramic view you get cannot be beaten. You see the whole peninsula, Cape Point, Robben Island, the Waterfront, all the beaches and the city. There is a restaurant on top where you can grab a bite to eat while consuming the stunning view at the same time. For South Africans, we get a free trip up on our birthdays but keep an eye-out for any specials on the cable car.

There are your five benefits to living in South Africa and there are many more.